2011 Song Contest Update

Mahalo nui to those of you who have volunteered to help with Song Contest this year. Please see below for descriptions of what we will be doing to assist our class. Sophomores will be located in the Exhibition Hall across the arena.

  • Volunteers should report at 4:00 P.M.
  • Sign in and pick up your name tag before going to your stations.
  • Girls’ Prep Station: Girls will check-in there and pick up lei. Volunteers will pin lei to girls shoulders and do a visual check for proper attire and contraband.
  • Boys’ Prep Station: Boys will check-in there and pick up lei and sash. Volunteers will assist with tying and pinning sashes and lei and do a visual check for proper attire and contraband.
  • Clean-Up: Check for rubbish and gather trash, tape, and signs. Collection of lei and sashes after contest: Collect lei and sashes from students prior to them leaving the Blaisdell arena.

Our songs this year:

  • Kūla’iapāhia (Girls) – Song Leader Cali Kinimaka
  • Kaleionehu (Boys) – Song Leader Kapono Kapanui
  • Ka Pua O Kina (Coed) – Song Leader Kamalu Deleon

Parent Reminders: Please feed your child before arriving at the Blaisdell for Song Contest. Anything not associated with “dress whites” will be removed and returned at the end of Song Contest. There is no storage or holding area for backpacks or bags, so please remind your child not to bring them. Cell phones will not be

allowed. Please arrange a post-event meeting place with your child before dropping them off. 2011 Song Contest Rules and Regulations:

The students will be reminded that the following items are PROHIBITED at Song Contest and should be left at home or in the car:

  • Any type of jewelry (i.e. rings, earrings, necklaces) including Hawaiian bracelets. Only watches and class rings are allowed for juniors and seniors.
  • Cameras Make-up bags, brushes, combs, hair clips, bows Backpacks, cell phones, and any other mobile communication devices or electronic games Any form of snacks or foods
  • Don’t forget to wear white socks (boys) along with your white shoes and white undergarments, including slips (girls).
  • Girls-your shoes need to be fully-enclosed white pumps (i.e. no tabis, no sandals, and no slippers).
  • Boys-your undershirts must be white V-neck only. Belts should also be white.
  • Tickets are issued per family through the oldest sibling, not per student.
  • If you are volunteering, there is no need to have someone save your seat as all seats are reserved.
  • Our class color is red. Wear it with pride! Check out Student/Parent Handbook Special Events Attire guidelines pgs. 33-34

Class E-Mail: Imua.2013@yahoo.com
Counseling Website: kapalama.ksbe.edu/high/counseling
Check out KHS ASKS Blog: www.khsasks.blogspot.com

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