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Imua Kamehameha Schools Class of 2013!

2008 Welcome Gathering for Class of 2013 Students and 'Ohana
Entertainment & Cultural Experience by Frank DeLima
Frank DeLima Banner


Are you an energetic person? Do you enjoy meeting new people? Have we got an opportunity for you!
The Class of 2013 is looking for co-chairs for our Stew Bowl & Korean Plate Ho'olaule'a Booth.
It's a lot of fun and we (ATP Reps) will be right beside you. If you'd like to help, please call us.

Susan Sakamoto @ 228-7680, Lisa Shizuru @ 398-4159, Ruthie Yasui @ 542-9944

2013 5th grade class play
May 2005, Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr. (Click the pic for dress rehearsal photo gallery!)

E Na Pua
A Pauahi,
E Pupukahi
I Holomu'a

of Pauahi,
Unite to
Move Forward

HOT! Nov. 14 , 2007
Order your new design class t-shirt now! Information is online here.

HOT! Oct 12 , 2007
Welcome 2013 'Ohana Get-Together Oct. 12

Our first potluck get-together of 7th Grade! Information is online here.
Download Flyer PDF | Download Flyer Doc | RSVP | PHOTO GALLERY ONLINE!

HOT! Jan. 16, 2007
Schoohouse Rock Live! Jr. DVD is ready!

The DVD is finally ready! Information is online here. -- Blaine

Mar. 9 , 2007
BAND-O-RAMA photos!
I can't believe how good they sounded! I was astounded! Great job by our great kids!

HOT! Jan. 9, 2007
Class of 2013 online discussion board!
Hi gang. I have now set up a discussion board right here on Click the big headline ilnk to enter the bulletin board and register. I need to manually approve all accounts before you can post. (This is to keep riffraff out of our discusion board.) If you have trouble signing up,
email Blaine and I'll get it fixed up!

May 9, 2006
Schoohouse Rock Live! Jr. Dress Rehearsal photos
Hi gang. Here are the photos taken at the dress rehearsal Tuesday for the class play. I took over 200 photos and tried to get at least one of everybody. If you click on the thumbnail, you'll see the "view" size. If you click on the "view" photo, you'll see the large version. You can save that to your hard drive and take it to Longs or Costco, or wherever, and they'll make prints for you.

Class of 2012 Class Play, 2005
Several of you asked about getting our kids' class play on video. I will be shooting video with special permission from the second row and I will produce a DVD similar to last year's production. You can preview last year's play at the link above. I'll make this year's play, with our kids, available as soon as possible after the play. Keep checking this site. --Blaine

April 28, 2006
Ho'olokahi 2006 - May Day is Lei Day in Hawai'i!
Hi guys, sorry so long without an update. I took a couple hundred photos today at Ho'olokahi. I took of all the classes, but you can bet there are a bunch of 2103 photos! When you get to the KES album, click on the 2005-2006 School Year album and then on the Ho'olokahi 2006 album. --Blaine

August 17, 2005
First Day of Fifth Grade!
I'm getting a page ready for Fifth Grade. Let me know which class your child is in! --Blaine

July 31 , 2005
Ready for Fifth Grade?
I'm getting a page ready for Fifth Grade. Let me know which class your child is in! --Blaine

Year-end class portrait of 2013 K-3 kids, Friday, May 7, 2004. (Click the pic for large!)

E Na Pua
A Pauahi,
E Pupukahi
I Holomu'a

of Pauahi,
Unite to
Move Forward


May 27 , 2005
Last Day of Fourth Grade!!
Pictures of as many 2013 kids as I could take on this last day of fourth grade.

May 26 , 2005
Ka 'Ikena Room 402
Mrs. Savini's class Ka 'Ikena photos (with a few other kids' photos, too!)

May 25 , 2005
"The Beauty of Kapalama" Video
Room 19, Mrs. Anguay-Sagon's class composed this song and performed it. Mrs. Lynelle Bright wrote the music.

May-June 2005
KES Kamamalu Playground Mural
Big Island artist Kathleen N.M. Kam is painting a four-panel mural on Kamamalu Playground. Follow her progress online. Many of our 2013 kids are in the photo albums! Check it out!

April 29, 2005
All of KES participated, but I took lots of 2013 photos, too.

April 8, 2005
Fourth Grade Star Party
The Grade 4 teachers held a Star Party and invited Nainoa Thompson, Aaron Mersberg and the Hawaiian Astronomical Society as guest speakers!

November 17, 2004
Listen To The Forest
Room 18, Mrs. Cramer's Class Play, November 17, 2004, -- Photos in Mrs. Cramer's gallery. Click the link! The video is on the last page of the album!

November 10, 2004
From Kai To Wai
Room 16, Mrs. Tuitele's Class Play, November 10, 2004, -- Photos in Mrs. Tuitele's gallery. Click the link! Video on the last page of the album!

November 5, 2004
Upcoming Class of 2013 Events:
November 5 Football 7:30 p.m. at Campus Stadium
November 7 Brother Noland 1:00 p.m. Elementary Dining Hall (bring 'ukulele!)
November 15-23 KES Book Fair Elementary Dining Hall
November 19 Book Fair Family Night 5:00-8:00 p.m. Elementary Dining Hall
November 22 Sunset on Konia 5:00-7:30 p.m. Konia Field
December 3-4 Christmas Concert NBC Concert Hall

A hui hou,
Auntie Renade

October 29, 2004
HAPPY CAMPERS! Aloha all fans of the Kamehameha Class of 2013! We just got back from Camp Erdman where the fourth graders spent Oct. 28-29 having a BLAST! My pictures are posted in an online photo gallery. CLICK HERE! (Let me know if you have some that you want to add and we'll set up a way for you to do it.)

A hui hou,
Uncle Blaine

September 18, 2004
First Newsletter! Aloha and welcome back to school. I know that fourth grade will be an exciting new adventure. Let me just take a moment to introduce myself to our new fourth grade 'ohana.

My name is Renade "Lani" Kaneakua and I am your Association of Teachers and Parents representative for the current school year. I have a son that graduated in 2002 and is now in his junior year of college, a daughter that is a junior in KHS and Ka'i'ini who is in Ms. Leong's class. I have been privileged to serve this class for the last 4 years so I am familiar with many of you, but look forward to meeting and working with our new fourth grade families.

There are so many wonderful opportunities here at Kamehameha and I will attempt to keep you informed. If you have any questions, concerns or just want to talk story please feel free to call me at 239-0003 or e-mail me (See below).

Come join the fun and cheer our football players on. We meet about an hour and a half before each game and have a potluck. Once we are full we go into the game and find a spot to the right of the cheerleaders and HAVE A GREAT TIME! BRING YOUR 'OHANA and let's have some fun.

Saturday, 18-Sep 7:30pm Aloha Stadium KS vs. Punahou
Saturday, 25-Sep 7:30pm Aloha Stadium KS vs. St. Louis
Friday, 8-Oct 7:30pm Aloha Stadium KS vs. Iolani
Saturday, 16-Oct 7:30pm Aloha Stadium KS vs. Punahou
Friday, 22-Oct 7:00pm KS Kunuiakea KS vs. Damien
Saturday, 30-Oct 7:30pm Aloha Stadium KS vs. St. Louis
Friday, 5-Nov TBA TBA KS vs. Pac Five

August 18, 2004
First day of Fourth Grade! Welcome back, returning 2013 students and WELCOME NEW STUDENTS! We hope you had a great day and a great start at your new school. I mua! I posted a few photos from this morning on the class photo gallery here:
Class of 2013 | Let me know if anyone needs help with anything. I work on the elementary campus and I'm always around. My name is Blaine Fergerstrom, Alex's dad, and I can be reached at 843-3479.

May 15, 2004
Year-end picnic this Saturday evening, May 15, from 4-7 p.m. at the K Playground. Bring dinner for your own family and come enjoy the company of the Class of 2013!

Global Celebration, May 8, 2004.

April 15, 2004
Aloha families of the C/O 2013,
     Just sending a quick note to see if anyone is available to help Hawley with the Book Fair.  She needs volunteers on Thursday 4/22 from 11:30-3:30.  Please give her a call at 842-8659 if you are available.
     You will soon be getting information about our end of the year activity.  Keep your eyes open and the date May 15 available.  It has been a quick year. Mahalo nui for all your support.

, ATP Class Representative

Global Celebration
April 8, 2004 (Photo gallery)

African Drummer
March 2, 2004 - Mrs. Traylor (online video)

Christmas Program
December 12, 2003 - Photo gallery with online video

Kamehameha Football
Through November 8, 2003

We've been going to the Kamehameha football games as a class, and will do so all season long. You are most welcome to join us! Here's the schedule of games. Please call Renade at 239-0003 for more information or to hook up with us for the games! I Mua Kamehameha!

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, ATP Class Representative

Ho'olokahi & Multicultural Festival 2003
Photo Gallery Now Online

2003 Movie Night Slide Show (35 megs, zipped PowerPoint file)

2002 Kite Flying Video

2002 Movie Night Slide Show (15 megs, zipped PowerPoint file)

Aloha 2013 'ohana. My name is Blaine Fergerstrom, dad of Alex. I'll be maintaining the Class of 2013 Web Site, This is hosted on my server at home. If you have thoughts or content for the web site, please

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(Alex's Dad)

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